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HR Audit

This service includes a detailed analysis of the gaps and risks to which the Human Resources Department is subject in your company. Studying all existing documents and drawing up a list of needed documents in your field of business. At the end, a report is presented that includes all the documents and actions necessary for the legal activity of the HR department of your company.

Drafting HR documents

At the client’s request, we prepare, draft, review, analyze any legal documents in the field of Human Resources necessary for the company, depending on the specifics of your activity or business.
– Legal advice and assistance regarding the content, execution, modification or termination of employment contracts;
– Preparing the personnel file, obtaining from the employee all the documents and signatures necessary for the file;
– Creating and permanent updating the database by registering individual employment contracts, changes in marital and salary status, decisions to terminate the activity, sanctions, etc.;
– Preparing and completing the certificates required by company employees;
– Preparing any personnel reports requested by the client;
– Preparing job descriptions or their revision in connection with changes in the individual employment contract;
– Preparing revision of the Internal Regulations, instructions, regulations for promotions, contests, etc .;
– Preparing Employee handbooks and procedures;
– Preparing Employee incentives.

HR Consulting

We offer legal support and practical advice on the problems you face in the field of work.
– We provide legal advice and concluding on termination of individual employment contracts to both employers and individuals;
– We provide advice on initiating and conducting disciplinary proceedings within the company, drafting acts and decisions during the conduct of the service investigation;
– We provide advice on the application of labor legislation in force;
– We provide legislative support for any issue arising in the field of labor relations;
– We provide support in case of controls performed by the competent bodies of the Ministry of Labor;
– Representation in labor law disputes, for both employers and employees;
– Consultancy in case of labor disputes.

Outsourced health and safety management

– Organizing employees training in the field of Occupational Health and Safety;
– Drafting all mandatory documents in the field of Occupational Health and Safety, depending on the types of activity practiced;
– Completing and maintaining the necessary registers;
– Planning and organizing the medical control of the employees.


Labor, civil and commercial relations

– Analysing, drafting, reviewing of employment contracts; – Assistance in negotiating and concluding individual contracts and collective bargaining agreements; – Contract reviewing and negotiation with the developer or seller; – Analysis and establishment of risks based on individual employment contracts and collective agreements; – We draw up contracts regarding the material responsibility of employees, confidentiality and non-competition; –  Personal data protection.

Assistance in labor, civil, commercial, contravention disputes

– Legal consultancy regarding labor, civil, commercial, contravention disputes;
– Drafting the documents and preparing the file for starting the civil or labor trial;
– Assistance in establishing and collecting evidence for the trial;
– Contesting decisions of the governmental authorities;
– Preparing and filing the action in the court;
– Assistance at the stage of execution of court decisions;
– Carrying out the legal procedures to register title deeds as well as any other necessary documents.

Debt collection assistance

– We provide assistance to individuals and legal entities in the process of debt collection, preparation of notifications and claims;
– Preparing and filing of the action in court;
– Submission of the documents for execution.

Family litigation

– Legal assistance for divorce, paternity, custody and placement, childcare, adoption, prenuptial agreement, parental responsibility, custody and visiting rights after separation, negotiation for divorce settlement, legal advice and representation in the custody procedure for minors, legal counseling in setting maintenance allowance etc.;
– Legal assistance in sharing of common goods, drafting transactions, dividing common goods before and after divorce, termination of parental rights.
– Preparing and filing the action for the court.

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